Submissions Are Open

Submissions for both Ignite: Phoenix Lit as well as Phoenix Art are open!

Do you have work from your classes you’re particularly proud of or a passion project that you want to release into the world? You should consider submitting your work to an award winning journal! With literary pieces being constantly updated to the site as well as a print book in the works, now is a better time than ever. We are currently accepting works of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction though Submittable.

Why wait? Get your work seen and your story heard!

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Joymae Capps
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While Joymae Capps has never had a brush with the law, they’re always peering over their shoulder to ensure that it stays that way. Constantly living in a fantasy world, they are wooed by the idea of learning more with every experience. They hope that one day they can make people cry with their stories, even if they remain a permanent fixture in the Pacific Northwest.