Meet Our Staff…

girl sitting on boardwalk

Emily Boatright


Emily Boatright is an editor, aspiring journalist, book-reading enthusiast, and avid hiker dwelling within the Pacific Northwest. She finds escape in pursuing multiple facets of musical endeavors, reading works of literary genius, and exploring colorful pallets of foods from around the world.

young woman in a forest

Fenn MacDonald


Fenn MacDonald is a poet, fiction writer, and editor currently haunting the Pacific Northwest. They enjoy long walks in the woods, quality time with cats, and wistful dreams of the sea.

woman's head and shoulders smiling

Amy Browning

Web Developer

Amy navigates life fueled by an insatiable curiosity, an old soul, a free spirit, and plenty of coffee. Her background in literature, poetry, and technology all serve her well in her current position as a full-time student and part-time Web Developer for Ignite: Phoenix Lit.

drawing a person

Joymae Capps

Graphic Designer

They have never had a brush with the law, but they’re always peering over their shoulder to ensure that it stays that way. Constantly living in a fantasy world, they are wooed by the idea of learning more with every experience. They hope that one day they can make people cry with their stories, even if they remain a permanent fixture in the Pacific Northwest.

female instructor wearing glasses

Elizabeth Donley

literary advisor

Elizabeth is the faculty advisor for Ignite: Phoenix Lit. She’s a tenured English professor at Clark and the English department chair. In her time away from Clark, she’s chipping away at a novel, mothering two awesome teen girls, and trying to keep her very barky Pomeranian from losing his mind every time the mail carrier arrives.

Ian McClelland


Ian McClelland is a life student whose world is inhabited by film, books, and imagination while being immersed in the day-to-day emergencies of humans as an EMT. He finds meaning in his family, surfing, art, writing, and the mysteries of the human kingdom.