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The air fills with the crisp scent of purity,
Once more summer ends
And, as timely as a mail carrier
Face to face with a “beware of dog sign,”
You return.

Landing on my skin
Drop, after drop
Clinging to me, like a windbreaker
I mistook for water-resistant
You slowly pick up speed

Hopeful this time around, my eyes
Might be your partner in cleansing
You touch me to remind me
Of my existence
But for now
All I can feel is my mortality

What would I have
If not for you, rain
To help the approach of my new beginning,
By washing away the storms of my dismal season.

Leticia Tomacka
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Leticia Tomacka is a Clark College Student. Their poem, “Dismal,” was written in the fall of 2020.