Located in Vancouver, Washington, Clark College’s art and literary student lead journal, Phoenix, is an award winning publication that spans multiple decades and 40 editions. Funded by the Associated Students of Clark College (ASCC), Phoenix proudly promotes the diligent work of Clark College’s staff, students, faculty, and alumni each year. However, as all know, with a global pandemic change happens. For 2021, Phoenix is split into two publications: Phoenix Art and Ignite: Phoenix Lit.

Ignite: Phoenix Lit is Clark College’s literary journal showcasing Clark affiliate fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. This site is a means to showcase the amazing work that gets submitted to this literary journal in a safe and easily distributable way! All who submit undoubtedly spend hours to their craft and their work deserves to be seen.

We hope that you will enjoy the work that is published on this site!

Access the literary journal here.
Access the art journal here.

If you wish to read past editions of the Phoenix, there is an online archive available for your convenience on the Phoenix Art site here.

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